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What students are saying:

Shirley has filled a niche for those therapists that can't and don't want to take a microbiology graduate course. They are easy to understand, cover what is important, and are user friendly.

Keep coming up with those " anyone can take " courses Shirley. I have sent several people who are great therapists in practice, but really have trouble taking other courses to your site. They have been able to satisfy their CE requirements without spending 6 months trying to understand the information. Your courses fulfill the Categories that the AMTA requires every member or state to take every 4 years as a refresher ( infection control for example ).

The Biggy - your prices can't be beat.

Strider Ditzler RMT, GRC Government Relations AMTA-CO

Thank you for the opportunity to enroll in your online courses.

Your online classes are well written, easily read, and contain vital material for the professional Massage Therapist.

I will be highly recommending your online site as it is convenient, clear and, in these extremely difficult economic times, I am pleased to say, very affordable.

It is comforting to know that your expertise is legitimate and comes from a reputable background in our field.

Thank you for caring so much about our profession to offer important, useful and affordable materials to all Massage Therapists.

Yours Truly,

Sara Holcombe, LMT

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