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Shirley Henderson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider #432729-00.

Renewing AFTER You are Board Certified

24 CE hours

Must take 3 hours of research and 3 hours of ethics

Self care is limited to no more than 4 hours.

Board Certification

Board Certification: The NCBTMB allows you to take up to 250 online massage continuing education hours with us to help meet the 750 units required for board certification.  This is for people applying to the NCBTMB for the first time as well as for people renewing. See our Special Package Rates to get the best deal.

Our courses are also accepted for ABMP and AMTA renewal.

A lot of students are asking about the NCBTMB board certification.

National Certification vs Board Certification

The NCBTMB is phasing out what was called "national certification." Everyone that is nationally certified renews into a new title called "board certification." You cannot renew into the old national certification.

The main difference between national certification and board certification, in terms of hours, is that national certification required 500 hours. Board certification requires 750 hours.

750 Hours

When you renew your old NCBTMB national certification, you have to submit a total of 750 hours because you can only renew into board certification. 

Some of you may already have 750 hours. You can count all your school hours and all the continuing education units you took since you became certified. For example, if you have only 500 hours from your massage school, you can use CE courses to make up the rest of your 750 hours. See our Special Package Rates. 

If this is your first time applying for NCBTMB certification. They will allow you to take 250 CEs online to help you reach the 750 hours required to become NCBTMB board certified. See our Special Package Rates.

Research Requirement

Students have asked about the research class requirement. You don't need it until you are already board certified and are renewing your board certification after 2 years. People did not start to become board certified until January of 2013. Your expiration date would have to be January 2015 or later, in order to need the research course.

"For the transition from national certification into board certification, you do not need this research requirement." Donna Sarvello, NCBTMB Webnar 10/24/13

Upload Your Transcript and Save Time

The NCBTMB allows you to upload your transcript in place of all the certificates. You can print a transcript in your member's area.